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RRPOA Announcements to Owners

Announcements of interest to owner/members of the Rocky Ridge Property Owners Association.

05/14/2024 - 2024 Kayak Rack Assignments

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05/14/2024 - 2024 Buoy Assignments

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05/15/2023 - Notice of Special Assessment

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Click here to read Resolution for Special Assessment.

03/04/2021 - Proposed Amendment to Rocky Ridge CC&Rs

Click here for a letter to homeowners regarding the proposed CC&Rs amendment.

Click here for an explanatory memorandum regarding the proposed CC&Rs amendment.

Click here for a draft of the proposed CC&Rs amendment.

05/21/2018 - Rentals and Insurance

Owners are reminded to advise Yates before renting their units.  The board has established a form for this notice.  The board also reminds owners that they are responsible for ensuring that their tenants comply with development rules, and the board encourages owners renting their units to consider the scope of their insurance coverages.

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09/06/2016 - No Smoking Rule

The board has adopted a new rule prohibiting smoking in all common areas of the property, including (but not limited to) pools, bocce and tennis courts, beach area and clubhouse.

03/18/2013 - New entry gate

A new entry gate has been installed to replace the old gate. The old gate was getting increasingly difficult to service. In addition, the new gate has more modern features.

One new feature of the new gate is that there will be multiple gate codes. Each unit, along with vendors like garbage trucks, and renters, can be assigned separate gate codes. This will help us monitor when a gate code gets out and is used improperly. Since codes are unique to a given user, we can change just that gate code and everyone else's code will continue to work. The 1919 code will continue to work for a while during our transition.

One important change is that before entering your code you must press the # key, then the code.

Cards will also be issued, two cards per unit. Just wave them in front of the card reader within about 4 inches. They are being mailed to owners to the mailing address on file. The letter will also contain the unique code assigned to your unit. Finally, the garage door remote openers will continue to work.