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Homeowners' governing documents

These documents represent important information for RRPOA homeowners. They include governing documents and meeting minutes for annual homeowners' meetings. Detailed Rules and Policies on use of the facilities are also here.


Governing Documents (as of December 2021)

Note the Bylaws and CC&Rs were Amended and updated by vote of the Members in July, 2018, with another Amendment in 2021.

The current Rules and Policies were adopted by the board and became effective in April 2019.


Approvals of Architectural Control Committee

Homeowners are advised to touch base with the Property Manager before commencing alteration work pertaining to their units. Under the Association's governing documents, many proposed alterations are not permitted to be commenced until approval has been obtained from the Association's Architectural Control Committee ("ACC"). Communication with the Property Manager also facilitates cooperation by contractors with Rocky Ridge construction rules and policies.

Homeowners are advised to check on whether the ACC has adopted policies applicable to particular types of alterations (e.g., air conditioning equipment).

In order to facilitate timely approvals, homeowners are encouraged to submit an application package for an alteration well in advance of the desired alteration work, so the Architectural Control Committee may place the proposal upon the agenda for, and consider the proposal at, a meeting of the Board of Directors. The application package should be submitted at least 7 days prior to the meeting at which it is scheduled for review by the Board.

The application package should address all matters reasonably pertinent to consideration of the proposed alteration, including a description and design of the proposed alteration, the location of the proposed alteration, the nature (and duration) of the work associated with the proposed alteration, and the potential impacts of the proposed alteration, including impacts affecting the use or enjoyment of other units (e.g., aesthetic issues and impacts affecting safety, noise, odors, vibrations, etc.). Owners are encouraged to highlight how each proposed alteration will mesh with the existing architectural features at Rocky Ridge; material stylistic differences are discouraged.

ACC approvals granted for alterations since the fall of 2021 can be accessed through the following links:

Air Conditioning Equipment Installation Policy (11-29-21)
Air Conditioning Equipment Unit 40 (11-29-2021)
Air Conditioning Equipment Revised ACC Approval Unit 40 (5-11-2022)
Air Conditioning Equipment ACC Approval Unit 36 (6-13-2022)
Bear Mat Policy (6-21-2022)
Sliding Glass Door ACC Approval (6-30-2022)

Other important rules and documents